Friday, 12 April 2013

You can leave your hat on

Sunshine brings with it all kinds of choices for your fashion conscious self. The shorts, skirts, vest tops, t-shirts, sandals and the big bags all come out in force like an avalanche from your wardrobe. But one item you can never do without is your hat.

Why a hat you ask?

Well hats can keep the sun out your eyes, set off a nice boyfriend wear look and also provide you with great cammoflage for that bad hair day your having.

What type of hat for me?

Ok as long as your not going to a wedding, funeral or baptism you can probably get away without those fancy straw hats with the fascinator attached. We want hats that can be worn daily, the casual hats, the cools hats that make you look like a celebrity right?

Well the rapper cap is big in with boys over last season so that means its time for girls to do it better, boyfriend wear is a great look and adding a flat peak hat can really pull off that glam casual look. The key to pulling off good boyfriend wear look is to accessorise, so have a flash of pink in the hat and some noticeable jewellery, after all you don't want to look like a boy.

Festival hats. Don't you love festival time, the sun is shining people drink out in the open air, music seems to emanate from all sorts of places and everyone has a delighted spring in their step. The festival hat was made glamorous by the Madchester movement who wore them in a grungy way, but why not spruce it up a little and give your eyes some shade. They make for a great way to keep the top of your head burning, especially important if you have a parting, I mean who remembers to put sun cream on their scalp?

Baseball caps are the must have for celebrity ladies, usually as they hide from the paps, but in doing so have made them cool. Looking like a celeb for many is a full time job so get a baseball cap and join the party.

Some examples:

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