Saturday, 25 January 2014

Valentine’s Day

It’s nearly that time of year where we wait patiently to see what our partners will organise for Valentine’s Day.  We may say we don’t want a fuss or are not really bothered in celebrating Valentine’s Day as it is just a commercialised event when really we want to feel special and loved.

How do you show the love of your life what they mean to you on Valentine’s Day?   Do you go for the red roses and chocolates or for lingerie?   How long do you take to plan your special day – booking the flowers and restaurant making sure everything is perfect for the love of your life?

Well some people are inspired to think out of the box to make that special day a bit different and certainly one that their partner will never forget.    Whilst for others the day will pass like any other day of the year unmarked and not special. 

So while you anticipate what the love of your life may be planning take time to give a little thought to your special outfit.  If you don’t want to spend too much money you could hunt out your little black dress and accessorise it.   A gorgeous pair of high heels like these will make you feel fabulous.

Plan ahead and allow time for a soak in the bath, get your nails done and visit the hairdresser so you feel wonderful.   All that is left to do is put on that dress, slip on those shoes and pop on a great pair of earrings like these, I’ll leave it to the imagination what you choose to wear underneath.

Now you are all ready to go are you worried that your partner may not plan anything then take the initiative and organise a lovely romantic meal, light the candles and knock them off their feet when they comes through the door.    It doesn’t always need to be an expensive gift that makes the day special it is in building those shared memories and making an effort.

Whatever happens this Valentine’s Day I hope you have a lovely evening and remember there is always next year.   

Much love


LEC Boutique

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Tartan Trend - Scotland in the fashion world!

Have you noticed how tartan keeps appearing on the catwalks during fashion weeks?   Whether it be a tartan shirt, coat, skirt, trousers or accessory it is a popular trend which keeps going.

It is a fashion trend which has been supported by the celebrities from that little smart dress on the red carpet, to the casual trousers paired with a white blouse or the gorgeous cowl neck playsuit.


There are so many different colours and fabrics around that it is easy to find something to complete your outfit.   From tartan skater skirts to a tartan shirt worn with jeans which you can pair with tartan flats or these fabulous high heel shoes.

With winter fast approaching perhaps a lovely tartan coat like the one below would keep you warm against the cold.

Tartans were originally made from woven wool but today they are available in many other fabrics.   Although tartan is associated with Scotland and the traditional kilt it is favoured by many fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel.  

The Duchess of Cambridge has shown her liking for tartan on a number of occasions so why not follow in her footsteps this winter and get yourself a tartan outfit or accessory.

With those winter nights drawing in and with New Year and Burns night fast approaching it is time to include a little tartan in your wardrobe.   Go on you know you want to!
Much Love
Lec Boutique


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Halloween – Trick or treat?

Halloween is an annual celebration held on 31st October and is sometimes known as All Hallows’ Eve.    People dress in costumes and go out guising. (also known as trick or treating)  Many people organise Halloween parties where traditional games such as bobbing for apples or telling scary stories happen.  It is traditional for Guisers to carry lanterns made from pumpkins to frighten evil spirits.

So as Halloween fast approaches are you looking for inspiration for your costume?   Why not get some ideas  the celebrities below.


Whatever your costume choice is this year have a lovely time and if you still haven’t decided yet and need more inspiration check out the cute costumes at LEC Boutique and the novelty Halloween bags at Dunbar Tshirt shop 

Much Love

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wearing you Maxi Dress this winter!

So summer looks to be on its last legs here in the UK but before you get out the vacuum bags and pack away those vibrant summer maxi dresses why not see if you can still use them over winter. Its so difficult to get any colour in the winter months and as the rest of your town gets out their winter browns and blacks you could still be wearing your bright blue and yellow dresses. 

Here's how to cheat the cold weather:

Step one: Wrap up underneath

Wearing thick tights or leggings under neath nobody will notice!

Step Two: Wear big boots

Boots are the perfect winter footwear, good in snow and cozy.

Step Three: Pick a Jacket

An open front warm jacket can look glam and really boost your look.

Step Four: Chunky Jewellery

Chunky for winter will be big, the big bold beads or chunky bold designs, remember to coordinate your colours!

Step Five: Dont forget your hands and head!

 Gloves and hats can be good too, a nice knitted headband or fingerless gloves will give you the Winter princess look.

Thats it, you can now enjoy your colourful summer dresses throughout winter!

Much love

Saturday, 24 August 2013

So What do you keep in yours?

Well girls we seldom leave the house without one whether it is big or small so what do you keep in yours?    The average woman has twenty one handbags in their wardrobe and buys a new one every three months.  So what attracts us to a certain handbag?  Is it that it will match a particular outfit in our wardrobe or just that we liked the look of it in the shop window? 

Most of us will carry our mobile phone, purse, make-up and hankies but we also carry lots of other things that “we may need.”   So do you need a large satchel type bag to hold all your worldly belongings or can you manage with a stylish clutch bag?


It is interesting to know that most of us have a favourite bag that we use on a day to day basis but that still does not stop us from filling our wardrobes with many other handbags.   Do you look for a practical bag, a bright colourful bag or an unusual design?

Please let us know here at Fashion in a fast World what is the most unusual thing you keep in yours?   The best comment will be rewarded with a free handbag to add to their collection.  Please let us have your comments by 6th September 2013 – the winner can choose from the great collection of handbags on the LEC Boutique Website – get those comments flowing in.

In my collection I currently have 18 handbags so I have some shopping to do to reach the national average. (What a great excuse!)  My handbag holds my purse, phone, pen, keys, hairbrush and hankies but I almost always carry a large handbag because I find when I am out with my hubby I end up with his car keys, his glasses and sometimes even his wallet. Well if I’m honest the last one comes in handy at times especially if I see a nice little handbag in a shop window!

Much Love

LEC Boutique


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fifty shades of Grey....Hair


Have you noticed how many celebrities are going grey?    This has nothing to do with getting older but is a choice they are making. 

This seems a strange trend as the rest of us spend hundreds of pounds trying to cover up the grey maybe we can save some money and join the celebs in turning grey.  But before we decide to sack our stylists lets decide if the trend is one that we like.

They used to say life begins at forty but with the catwalk models and celebs deciding to experiment with grey hair perhaps life begins with grey!  (I mean the hair colour of course!)  So what are the best outfits and colours to wear with grey hair?   The following video clip shows Jill Kirsh advising on colours to suit grey hair. 

High contrast black and white pieces work well and you could add a little pop of colour with bright colour shoes or accessories.   It is best to avoid greys and greens can be tricky too with some shades even making your hair look green.   If you still need inspiration though look at what the celebs are wearing and decide if it would work for you.

If you still need convincing then perhaps these following pictures will convince you.

Much love
LEC Boutique

Monday, 5 August 2013

Shoes – comfort or killer heels?

Sandra Bullock looked amazing in her little black dress and killer red heels on a recent rare night out in London.   

How many of us suffer on a night out by wearing high heels and suffering sore feet by the end of the evening but what damage are we doing to our feet?  Any shoe with a heel over two inches in height causes concern but wearing stacks such as wedges or platforms can give you that extra height and not be so damaging.  

There is a current trend at the moment for wearing flats instead of killer heels and celebrities are swapping their fabulous killer heels for flats.    Big names like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have already changed to stylish over the knee boots or fashionable ballet pumps.   Even Sarah Jessica Parker has traded in her sex in the city heels for a sensible pair of flats.

The most popular flat shoe for British women is the ballet pump closely followed by Chelsea boots.  Flats can look great with a designer t-shirt and skinny jeans and they work well with summery short skirts.

So the next time you are out clubbing and end up dancing in your bare feet because your heels are killing you give some thought to re- styling your look to wear a pair of fashionable ballet pumps – just like the celebs. 

Much Love
LEC Boutique